I was in a Musical During Lockdown

Sparta New Jersey, United States of America


It’s weird to think that one of the last times I had human to human contact was hugging Jesus goodbye before he got crucified to a rock anthem.

Friday, March 13th is probably a date I will remember forever. That day was the day I got the call that my school was going to be shut down for two weeks. Little did I know that after nine weeks of being in lockdown, school as we know it would be shut down for good. The call happened around 7:00pm that night, but this isn’t the only reason I will always remember the date. March 13th was opening night of Godspell, the play that I had been working my ass off to be in since January and miraculously, it didn’t get cancelled, though it probably should have. During our time there, my hands became extremely dry from using all the hand sanitizer in the church and weeks later, a couple people in the cast tested positive for coronavirus. All with different symptoms. One person was hospitalized while other people and their families lost their sense of smell or taste, or only had a fever for one day, or a minor headache. (All are fully recovered and doing fine).

Why are all these people with the same virus having completely different symptoms? Is it their bodies? Are there different strands? How are there 300 thousand people worldwide that have died from the virus while my friend just had a fever for one day? These are the questions the world is yet to know. And in my opinion, that's the freakiest thing about this virus.

To say I’m frightened is an understatement. Everynight before I go to bed I read the news as I normally do and everynight my stomach drops. One night Kim Jong-Un is rumoured to be dead and on another selfish Americans are protesting lockdown, and now, we might be in lockdown for another three months before we see any step of progress in the right direction. Yeah, I’m terrified.

However, I’m not afraid of the virus. I’m sixteen, and the only thing holding me back is asthma. And yes, I know this in no way makes me immune to the virus, but after Godspell closed, I have been staying home, social distancing, washing my hands very often, and wearing a mask whenever I go out. Although I have a lesser chance of being affected by coronavirus, I know how important it is to stay cautious, especially for people with weakened immune systems who can’t protect themselves. I know how to do this because I’m trying to listen to science, rather than skewed politicians who ignored scientists' warnings in January. Because of this, we all have to suffer the repercussions of our president’s selfish acts. Taking action immediately could have made us more prepared to combat coronavirus. Although we couldn’t completely stop a pandemic, we could’ve saved so many lives and protected many more. That’s what makes me really upset.

Although people are saying how they miss normality, I would much rather move forward to a more positive lifestyle. A life where there’s less pollution but I could still hangout and hug my friends. A life where I don’t need to wear a mask to go out or have the most exciting part of my day be a car ride to pick up food. A life without panic for our planet and humanity with a stable economy where local businesses thrive and stay open. A life that’s more slow paced than before, that still gives me time to paint and be healthy without having all day to sit at home.

I miss having face to face conversations with all my friends in one place. Facetime calls and playing Xbox until 2am aren’t the same as they once were now that it’s the only thing we can do together. I hate change and a more positive time where everything is okay again seems so far away. Right now, I can only hope for light at the end of the tunnel.


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