inspiring moments of reflection in the age of COVID-19


As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we've decided to launch “Letters in Limbo”: a historical archive documenting the personal experiences of people around the world in the face of crisis.

We are inviting you to write a letter (to yourself, a loved one, a stranger...) as a means of reflecting on your thoughts and experiences in the age of COVID-19.

This is an exercise in reflection and storytelling. Think about an experience you've had recently in the wake of the pandemic, or the rewards and challenges of your newfound routine. Whether you're feeling confusion, grief, or joy in your day-to-day, we believe putting our thoughts in writing can help us all navigate uncertainty and capture an honest portrait of the times. 

We will publish all submissions to the site in real time (anonymously upon request) with the hope that the letters can offer healing insight and stories of shared experience, as well as a historical record that will last for years to come. 

While social distancing measures around the world keep us apart, we hope publishing "Letters in Limbo" in one space will bring us closer together than ever before.


Please email your submission to lettersinlimbo@gmail.com.

*File types accepted: .docx, PDF

The letter may take any style or format and be of any length. If you wish, please include the location (city/state/country/etc.) from where you are writing. 


Project curators will have access to all submissions, but emails will remain confidential. If you wish for your letter to remain anonymous, please sign the letter accordingly (e.g. 'First Name Last Initial' or 'Anonymous'). All letters will be published on our site in the aftermath of COVID-19, and contributors will be notified via email when their letter is published.

Thanks so much for your interest in this project, and we look forward to receiving your letter!

©2020 by Letters in Limbo.

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